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Facial cosmetic surgeries require a lot of experience and know-how with constant monitoring of the latest developments, in order for the result to always be the desired one.

The body surgeries performed are aimed at improving the body proportions and restoring the harmonious curves in the body.

The female breast is the symbol of motherhood, of femininity, although in every age and society the models of the ideal breast are different.

The anti-aging treatment with butolin toxin (Boto x) is suitable for people who want to reduce facial wrinkles, without surgery.

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Innovative Techniques

Constant updating on new techniques is our main priority. That is why we provide services that you will find only with us.



Our knowledge comes from long experience abroad. We are doctors made in Germany and made in the USA with a prestigious career in Greece and abroad.

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In our team we combine long experience and specialized knowledge in plastic surgery.

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We guarantee the success of the operation or treatment we suggest and we are by your side the next day as well.


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Soft skin without pain, all year round


Breast Augmentation

Harmonious and aesthetic result, in any case


3D Cryolipolysis

The new method of combating local fat, wherever it is located.


Restoration of the female body as it was before pregnancy


Dr. Prodromos Papaioannou
Plastic Surgeon

The Papaioannou Clinic and Dr. Prodromos Papaioannou specialize in plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine treatments, having many years of experience since 1985. The continuous investment in state-of-the-art technology and the most modern methods of plastic surgery ensure the perfect result Your characteristics and stimulating your psychology. The thorough medical diagnosis, the application of the optimal personalized solution and your absolute satisfaction are the primary goal of the Plastic Surgeon Dr. Prodromos Papaioannou.

Popular Surgeries
and Treatments

By breast surgery we mean all cosmetic surgeries performed on the breasts, whether it is augmentation, reduction, breast lift or corrective breast surgeries.

Rhinoplasty surgery concerns the correction of the external appearance, as well as the function of the nasal breathing. The rhinoplasty removes the hump, reduces the width of the nose, lifts the tip and adjusts the entire nose as a whole, in order to fit the face harmoniously.

Liposuction is a technique that has been developed and evolved over the last 40 years and has become very popular because it corrects local adiposities without leaving traces and large scars. 

The term abdominoplasty also known as tummy tuck is very general, as it is an operation that varies greatly depending on the case. 

The blepharoplasty procedure is meant to correct the laxity and puffiness of the lower and upper eyelids, leaving minimal scarring and a long lasting result.


The position and shape of the eyebrows is vital, both in women and men, and is a sign synonymous with youth and charm.

Understanding the aging process of the face allows us to intervene accordingly, restoring the lost or drooping volume, treating superficial treatments or lifting the skin and tissues, all without surgery.

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