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About us

The innovation, the continuous development and the timeless guarantee of successful results in our surgeries is the triptych of Papaioannou Plastic Surgery as one of the most recognizable and reliable names in the industry. Besides, apart from our experience through our innumerable successful surgeries, what sets us apart is our active participation in the development of the industry – in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery – and especially in the first line.

In February 1986 we performed the first liposuction in Greece and in 1997 we were the first to bring endoscopic forehead lifting to Greece. In 2013, we were the first to start the revolutionary Bodyjet liposculpture method in Thessaloniki, while we are constantly evolving and improving the existing techniques, adding more and more, surgical and non-surgical, maintaining close contact with the developments in our industry internationally.

Our philosophy

At Papaioannou Clinic we believe that beauty comes from self-confidence. Diversity emphasizes natural beauty and that is why we make sure whatever changes we make they are in harmony with your face and body. The purpose of an operation is to highlight your unique characteristics and to stimulate your psychology.

In recent years more and more people are interested in cosmetic changes in their face or body. Given the new possibilities that plastic surgery now offers, which on the one hand has increased and improved the provided surgeries, but on the other hand has assimilated and developed many non-surgical techniques of renewal or correction of body and facial imperfections, the combination of our experience, continuous investigation and personal monitoring brings us one step ahead of developments.

Our team is close to you in all stages of the surgery you have chosen. Our goal is to offer you a thorough medical diagnosis, complete information on any of your questions and the best solution for your case. Visit our office, share with us the changes you desire and together we will find the ideal approach for your face or body.

In fact, in the midst of the torrent of information that is available, but often misleading, we are here to inform you reliably and to make it clear that, although the indication for any cosmetic surgery is a purely personal procedure, the decision should be made after thorough medical information.


Care the next day

But the experience of our clients does not end with the completion of a treatment or surgery, as we are by your side the next day. For example, after Botox treatment, we schedule a new appointment for after two weeks, in order to evaluate the result and possibly complete at no extra cost in the areas that may need reinforcement. Also, after the operations, a review is performed at regular intervals for at least one year, in order to monitor the smooth outcome of the result.

Appointment in Athens

Apart from Thessaloniki, we provide you with the opportunity to meet us in Athens, where there is cooperation with Faliro Medical Center. You can make an appointment for a visit and examination, for anti-aging treatments, such as hyaluronic or Botox, or for operations at Faliro Medical Center. We are in Athens twice a month and you can contact us by appointment.

Recent developments in the field of plastic surgery

Papaioannou plastic surgery has been established after years of successful results as one of the most recognizable names in the industry. Apart from the experience of innumerable successful surgeries, what distinguishes Papaioannou plastics is the participation in the development of the industry, in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. In February 1986 they performed the first liposuction in Greece and in 1997 they were the first to bring endoscopic forehead facelift to Greece. In 2013, they were the first to start the revolutionary Bodyjet liposculpture method in Thessaloniki, while they are constantly evolving and improving the existing techniques, adding more and more, surgical and non-surgical.

Δρ. Παπαιωάννου

Dr. Prodromos Papaioannou

I was born and raised in Thessaloniki and I am a graduate of Anatolia College. I entered the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki through the University entrance exams and studied entirely at the Medical School of Thessaloniki.

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The doctor's office

Our recently renovated doctor’s office is conveniently located at the eastern entrance of Thessaloniki, 10 minutes from the airport and the Inter-Balkan Medical Center, where we perform our surgeries.

We attach great importance to the good service of our clients and we make sure that the waiting time is very short, and the time with the doctors is abundant, thus gaining the trust that the plastic surgeon should inspire. Our spaces have been designed with an emphasis on comfort and hospitality, creating a cordial and warm environment, to make you feel familiar on each of your visits. This applies both in the waiting area, in the doctors’ offices, and in the areas of surgeries and treatments. We also ensure the privacy of our customers, every time they visit us.


What We Are Advocating

The ambassador of the message ‘Beauty springs from within us’ Natalia Dragoumi explains what is considered beautiful and what is charming. She analyzes her own thoughts in relation to time, vanity and her image and concludes that in the end beautiful is what makes us feel beautiful with ourselves.