Breast Surgery

The female breast is a symbol of maternity, sexuality and a measure of self esteem. However each society and era develops its own standards of the ideal breast, both in size and shape. Modern plastic surgery can translate the ideal breast in objective measurement, however the perfect breast for each woman is a personal matter, which is defined by the anatomical features and the personal wishes.

Both the skin and the breast tissue are exposed to strain, which has to do with child bearing and breast feeding, gravity and weight changes. This strain leads to laxity, volume loss and alteration of the shape of the breast, losing over time the once youthful appearance. A woman may chose to restore her breasts to their original youthful state, augment them or reduce the overall size through breast lift, breast augmentation and breast reduction. Having a good understanding of the modern silicone anatomical implants and also new techniques such as fat autoaugmentation, we can now restore more complex breast deformities more adequately and safely, giving a very long lasting result.

In any case, the key to success which guarantees high patient satisfaction is a thorough consultation, regarding the various options and respecting the wishes of each woman individually. Choosing the right technique or the correct implant is, in most cases, more important than the procedure itself.

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