Operations After Weight Loss

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Operations After Weight Loss

Obesity surgery primarily involves the restoration of the skin following significant weight loss. In addition to individual procedures to address issues with the chest, face, or abdomen, there are also specialized interventions to correct looseness throughout the entire body.

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    For whom is the operation suitable? 

    The treatment of obesity is a multifaceted process which can include many stages and the participation of doctors from different specialties. The effort begins with changing the eating habit and increasing physical activity. This is the preferred method, because when the pounds are gradually lost, the body can follow the changes better, without causing sudden relaxation. 

    In cases where this attempt fails, a surgical method of treatment is suggested, which involves reducing the intake or absorption of food from the stomach and intestine. The most common methods involve gastric bypass or stomach ring. These procedures are performed by general surgeons specialized in the subject. 

    Plastic surgery procedures are indicated 6 months to a year after weight loss. They aim to correct sagging and other problems created after weight loss. The time that elapses between weight loss and surgery is imperative, firstly in order to give the body enough time to recover, secondly so that the body weight has settled and there are no large changes and thirdly so that the loose skin has shrunk as much as possible. 

    Some of the procedures performed are similar to those performed for aesthetic reasons, while others are purely specialized to solve relaxation problems throughout the body. The classic operation after great weight loss is the body lift. Other common procedures are:  Liposuction• Abdominoplasty• Breast reduction/lift• Thigh/buttock lift• Facelift• Brachioplasty 

    Every person is different. We offer solutions based on your personal, specific needs. 

    Surgical techniques for weight loss patients 

    In the body lift we start with a circular incision or a T incision at the height of the buttocks and lower abdomen. From these incisions and with the use of a special tool, preparation is made up to knee height and then the relaxation of the buttocks, outer thighs and hips is removed. The skin is pulled up like “pants” and fixed on strong fascias. Then follows a variant abdominoplasty, which corrects the sagging of the abdomen and on the sides. The operation is completed with an inner thigh facelift, if necessary, although the latter can be done in a second year. 

    In some cases we need to make a variation of the classic method to deal with specific relaxation problems. For example, we can perform an additional excision at armpit height to correct excessive back folds. In women where the breasts show great atrophy, we can even take advantage of the excess skin of the back to replenish the lost breast volume. 

    The rest of the surgeries related to the relaxation of the face, arms, breasts and other corrections are done in a second year, in order to avoid a large burden on the body. 

    After surgery 

    The operation is performed under general anaesthesia and distributed to the clinic for 2-3 nights. In order to avoid the blood transfusion that is often necessary after such surgeries, it is advisable to do an autotransfusion before surgery.  Special pressure garments are adjusted, which favor healing and reduce bruising and swelling. Usually the return to work is after the 3rd week and sports activities start after the 6th week. 

    Results of obesity surgeries 

    Immediately after surgery, the result is evident as the relaxation in the middle and lower part of the body is removed. Initially, we make an overcorrection so that when the final result settles after about 6 months, no relaxation is created again. 

    The scars are of good quality and remain hidden under the line of underwear or swimwear. In the first months there is some degree of migration of scars downwards, which however is small because the fixation of the skin takes place in deeper and more stable places. 

    After surgery, we find a great improvement in the quality of life, both in terms of external appearance and functionality. Walking, running, swimming and other sports activities are becoming easier. So is skin care and hygiene. Finally, the improvement in the psychology of people undergoing these changes is enormous.

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