Deep plane lift 

Deep plane lift technique 

image 4
Deep plane lift  13
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Deep plane lift  14
image 7
Before surgery
image 8
Just right after surgery
image 9
The next day after surgery
image 10
5th day after stitch removal
image 11
1 week after surgery
image 12
10 days after surgery
image 13
20 days after surgery
image 14
Before Surgery
image 15
12 months after surgery
image 16

Results deep plane lift 

In summary, deep plane lift is a revolutionary method of face lift while on the same time being the evolution of face lifting techniqes. In the right hand this technique offers excellent and natural results which will last longer. The term deep plane itself has become viral and worldwide we encounter both patients and surgeons who are ecstatic with the results. It is however a challenging operation that requires a very specific training and for this reason worldwide it is performed in less than 5% of plastic surgeons.  

From my  experience with the deep plane lift in the recent years, it seems that it clearly excels both in the naturalness of the results and in the duration of the result. This, combined with faster recovery and more effectiveness regardless of age and relaxation, makes a the deep plane technique my now golden standard of face lifting.

Deep plane facelift cost?

The cost of a deep plane facelift is personalized and depends on all the procedures estimated to be needed in order to effectively and completely reverse facial aging. For example, sometimes the deep plane face and neck lift can be combined with upper or lower blepharoplasty, forehead lift, lip lift, laser for skin freshening, fat transfer or other minor operations. Thus, the cost can only be determined after an assessment of each person.
Frequently asked questions

How many years does the result of a deep plane lift last?

The duration of the effect depends on many different factors, such as age, tissue quality, heaviness of the face, smoking, athletic activities and genetic predisposition. The deep plane lift is considered one of the most powerful neck and face lifts and the duration of the effect is roughly estimated at 10-15 years.

How many years younger will my face look after a deep plane facelift?

The changes in the face are proportional to the age you choose to have the operation. This means that if the operation is done at the age of 45-50, the face may look 30-35, while if the operation is done at the age of 60-65, it will look 40-45. So the age difference we expect after a deep plane facelift is 15-25 years.

Why is the percentage of plastic surgeons worldwide performing deep plane lifts so small?

Unlike other techniques, deep plane has a longer learning curve and requires surgeon experience and excellent knowledge of facial anatomy. Global statistics show that only 5% of plastic surgeons perform a deep plane lift, however we must take this with a grain of salt, since some of those perform a variant or a hybrid method and not an actual deep plane and also another percentage may claim to carry out this procedure for marketing purposes. As a result, the actual percentage of doctors who actually perform a true deep plane must be even lower.

At what age is it better to do a deep plane lift?

Age is not the determining factor, as much as the relaxation of the face and neck. In the author's opinion, it is preferable for the deep plane facelift to be performed at the age of 45-55, firstly so that the difference before and after is not so pronounced and secondly so that there is not so much dependence of the face on non-invasive anti-aging techniques, such as fillers, threads, energy based devices and others, which ultimately can under no circumstances offer an aesthetic result comparable to a deep plane lift and additionally create a dependency that can lead to excesses and deformation.

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