Fly in Program

Fly In Program

Are you interested in undergoing a plastic surgery procedure or treatment in Thessaloniki, Greece, but find it challenging due to the distance? No problem!

Many of our clients travel from Athens, distant parts of Greece, Cyprus, and even abroad because they trust our expertise. For this reason, we have developed a fly-in service to make all the processes from A to Z as convenient as possible for you.

We are located just a few minutes away from Macedonia Airport (SKG) and in close proximity to many well-known hotels in the city. Your stay in Thessaloniki will be as comfortable and pleasant as possible, whether you are traveling alone or with your loved ones.

Our Services

To better serve our clients who come from afar, we offer the following services:

→ Organizing your accommodation in Thessaloniki at recommended local hotels. 

→ Providing additional services such as translators, in-home nursing, and transportation.

 → Assisting in finding convenient flights.

 → Arranging activities like visits to cultural or other destinations.

Get to Know Papaiannou Plastic Surgery

Papaiannou Plastic Surgery ensures a pleasant and friendly environment that sets us apart from the rest. Our staff and surgeons ensure that our clients feel comfortable from the moment they step into our clinic. Whether you are coming from near or far, we will make sure you are as satisfied as possible throughout the entire process.

How the Fly-in Program Works


The Initial Contact

Visit our clinic

Visit our clinic for an assessment, ideal for clients who want to meet the doctors in person before the surgery and have the opportunity to visit Thessaloniki

Virtual Consultation

Ideal for those traveling from afar who find it difficult to visit our clinic before the surgery or prefer to have their initial consultation from the comfort of their own homes. Learn more about Virtual Consultation!

Once our surgeons determine which procedure or treatment is suitable for you, our assistant will contact you to discuss all the details of your stay and post-operative care.



Once you decide that you want to proceed with a procedure or treatment, we will schedule an appointment of your choice for you to meet the doctors in person and undergo the preoperative assessment and preparation. This can be done the day before or even on the same day as the surgery, depending on the procedure.

For your convenience, we provide complimentary accommodation at the Nikopolis Hotel the day before the surgery, located across from the medical center where the surgeries take place.




Depending on the procedure, you may need to stay one or two nights at the medical center, where nurses and staff will care for you 24/7 for a faster recovery. Typically, you will need to stay in one of the recommended hotels for an additional 3-8 days to fully recover before your return home.

Regarding safety, gathering your medical history begins before your visit to our clinic to identify any health factors that may affect the duration of your hospital stay or the choice of treatment or procedure. Lastly, we provide a post-procedure service, meaning we stay in touch with you even after your departure from Thessaloniki. In rare cases of complications and when deemed necessary, we arrange immediate transportation to Thessaloniki or even visit your city at no extra cost to ensure the best outcome of the procedure.

The Fly-in program is a recent addition to our services to better meet the needs of our clients. However, we have extensive experience in managing patients who come from afar. For years, clients from Cyprus and abroad have entrusted us, and if you are in Cyprus and looking for a plastic surgeon, inquire about us. You will surely find our satisfied clients who have been pleased with the results and their stay in Thessaloniki.


fly in

Fly in Plastic Surgery

We have perfected our Fly-In service to be accessible to all potential clients and we are here to support you every step of the way!

virtual consultation

Virtual Consultation

Before participating in our Fly-In program, inform our doctors about your current condition and the goals you hope to achieve.