Facial Surgery

Facial cosmetic surgery is a very demanding field, which requires a lot of experience and knowledge of the latest advances in plastic surgery. Our face is the most important element of our beauty, and balancing between a youthful appearance and a natural result is what makes our job so challenging.

Modern plastic surgery offers a huge variety of techniques to restore youth and beauty to the face, minimizing downtime, scars and unnatural appearance. Although new techniques can restore some aging features, the only way to turn back the clock is the face lift, either of the lower face and neck, as a full face lift or as an endoscopic forehead lift. The eyebrows are treated either separately with a blepharoplasty, or in combination with a face lift.

Another field of facial surgery concerns remodeling of the face, setting a goal to beautify the facial features without distorting ones appearance. Our most popular procedure is rhinoplasty (nose correction), which accounts for more than 40% of our facial surgery. Other procedures like ear correction, facial implants, facial feminisation surgery (FFS) are also a practice of our routine.

Our utmost concern when performing facial surgery is to restore harmony and youth, without changing the identity and special character of each face.

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