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A lip lift is a surgical procedure designed to lift the lips, resulting in a significant reduction in wrinkles and signs of aging in the specific facial area. This procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia, either as a standalone treatment or in combination with other facial lifting methods.

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    In terms of facial aging, the area around the mouth is the often be a tell-tell sign of one’s age after a successful facelift. The aging of the upper lip is due to multiple factors, such as loss of volume, change of denture, muscle atrophy, loss of skin elasticity and is affected by anatomical elements and activities such as smoking.

    Lip lift cannot correct all the changes that occur around the mouth, however, it can very effectively correct the position and shape of the upper lip. It is mostly indicated for people with a very large distance between the upper lip and the base of the nose or with a drop of the upper lip in the form of a curtain that completely covers the upper teeth even when smiling. As the position of the upper lip is determined not only by age but also by anatomical factors, there is no absolute age indication for lip lift. It is practically recommended when the upper lip covers the upper denture and there is a

    disproportion in relation to the jaw and the face in general. As a general rule, there is an indication when the absolute height of the filter, i.e. the central part of the lip from the boundary where the nose starts is 12-15 millimeters.

    Lip lift techniques

    The lip lift procedure is performed under local anaesthesia either individually or as part of other facial lift techniques such as facelift. After accurate assessment and measurement, an area of skin is removed at the base of the nose up to the outer border of the nostrils. The design should be such that the entire rim is raised evenly and symmetrically, without emphasizing only its central part, which gives a rabbit or fish appearance of the mouth. The incision is not a straight line but curved following the anatomical shape of the nasal base and is often referred to as a “bullhorn lip lift”. The extent of the undermining can be up to the nasolabial groove to the extent required each time. The crease at the base of the nose is such that healing is excellent with minimal visible signs.

    The lip lift procedure can be combined with other procedures such as facelift, fat transfer to the upper lip and periorally and laser or peeling of the lip skin.

    Recovery after lip lift

    After surgery, special strips are placed on the incisions and upper lip which are removed along with the stitches on the 5th day. In the first few days, the area has to stay dry and clean, and gentle movements of the mouth are recommended.

    We expect the upper lip to swell to some extent for the first week. The bruising and swelling subside after about 10 days and the scars take a few months to disappear almost completely.


    Lip lift results

    This procedure is the last missing piece of the puzzle from holistic anti-aging of the face. Lip lift is something that is not discussed often enough with patients and also many do not even know that such an operation exists. However, with the right technique and the right indication the result is very rewarding. It is also a correction that lasts almost lifelong
    Frequently asked questions

    How visible is the scar after a lip lift?

    The mark is quite well hidden under the base of the nose and follows precisely the anatomical boundaries. This implies excellent healing and very good scar quality in general. The scar disappears almost completely after a few months and in rare cases where the body generally tends to delay healing or leave ugly scars, it can be corrected even more with the use of laser or other techniques.

    How do we ensure that the central part of the lip does not rise too high?

    It is extremely important to make precise planning and measurements of the distances that exist in the central and distal part of the lip, so that the lift that occurs after lip lift is uniform and comprehensive.

    Can an asymmetry of the mouth be corrected with lip lift?

    In some cases, when there is for example a drop in the angle of the mouth on one side, an asymmetrical correction can be made in order to achieve symmetry. However, the possibilities for improvement concern only the lip and do not correct any asymmetries that are higher or concern other areas of the face.

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