Body Contouring

The key to a successful body contouring is to have a good understanding of tissue tolerance and laxity, allowing one to choose between reduction, augmentation or lifting. Either way, the goal is to achieve a new shape of the body, minimizing scars and recovery. Each area of the body is analyzed separately, in order to choose the appropriate technique or combination of techniques, reducing skin laxity while creating a new tailored outline.

In some cases we use bodysculpting or liposuction to reduce the fatty tissue, or even transfer the collected fat (fat grafting) to other areas which need to be augmented . When dealing with skin laxity, usually the excess skin is removed, always trying to place the scars in spots that are not visible with beachwear. In each case, the result is a long lasting one, with minimal scars and downtime.

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Before participating in our Fly-In program, inform our doctors about your current condition and the goals you hope to achieve.

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